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  • To provide art direction for all visual aspects of the pursuit

  • To design custom layout templates in Adobe InDesign and ensure compliance with company brand standards

  • To work directly with key decision-makers, the proposal manager and editor to produce a winning proposal


  • I creatively answered a critical solicitation requirement by depicting each key personnel’s daily multimodal commute within the specific project corridor map

  • I directed junior staff in illustrating professional caricatures for key staff

  • I created an unconventional organizational chart and thoughtful infographics to support the “level of creativity” scoring criteria

  • I performed the quality control and electronic finalization of the document



  • The HDR team was selected for this $250,000 contract

  • I produced brand-compliant Adobe InDesign templates that can be used for future pursuits, saving time and effort during constrained production schedules


Digital Design
Layout Design



HDR’s civil and planning department decided to pursue this high-visibility project, solicited by the City of Boston

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